Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This is Wrong- Please stand up for People everywhere with Autism

This fan page has lost a follower and I hope MANY more

It's a page that started as a guy naming his son batman if he got followers and I guess w/e he calls himself now it should be MESSED UP! Click HERE to visit his page- this is what upsets me. My daughter is Autistic, and she is amazing and if you know ANYTHING about autistic kids they are VERY smart children. This man has gone too far on this post. click here to read that I posted on my personal facebook page.

Not only should this "fan page" be ashamed, but this comedian also. There is NO reason to make fun of a person who has AUTISM or any other thing they were BORN with. I want him to know that this is wrong, and he can delete my post, he can delete my comments, but he cannot delete my freedom of speech, I will spread the word about his hateful site and his hateful post. I hope you will too. This is my rant for the day- thank you for reading it.

Julie the PROUD parent of an amazing Autistic Daughter.

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