Wednesday, August 1, 2012

'Vinyl Disorder' Product Review

Click HERE to go to an amazing site with great deals on decals for your wall at home or business, your personal or business vehicle, to label products or items and many other things! 

I want to start this off by saying how much I love this product. We are a military family living on a military post where you cannot paint your walls, though you can put pictures or decals up but NO paint :(. The decal livens up the room, becomes the center of attention. Just adds the finishing touch to make our temporary apartment like home.
Step 1

Make sure you pick a spot that has open space, and clean and dry the wall! I have a textured wall and it worked great :)
Make sure that you understand the instructions I was a bit confused and the words Hinged in the instructions saved I am a bit slow on catching onto things.
Next Put Decal "Hinged" on Wall with tape then remove backing.

After I carefully peeled off the backing and my mom helped me (Always good to have a helper!) It turned out amazing, centered in between two awesome heart pictures that it matches perfectly this wall is now complete. I love how easy it was to put on the wall, and how good it looks. Fits in great with the room! Thank you Vinyl Disorder for letting me review an awesome product!

Link to their website is in the review, click on their name. Their facebook is Vinyl Disorder and their twitter account is @Vinlydisorder

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