Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swagbucks Explained

Swagbucks is a site I rely on for extra cash during the holidays! We all know its needed and now there is a place you can get it.

Swagbucks is a site you can join for free and earn swagbucks that convert into gift cards to many different places and websites. Some places gift cards can be redeemed at are :

Land's End


Barnes & Noble




And MANY more

They also have the option of turning into items for your child like a new sippy cup (499 swagbucks)or a ring teether (559)

SO you ask me how do I make swagbucks to turn into these great gifts? You can make money the easy way-searching the web, taking daily polls(one question a day) , watching TV!, taking surveys, referring friends, taking them up on special offers, there are so many ways you can earn money and they are all EASY(to me) :)

Last Holidays I have over 50 dollars I had put aside, and I took my husband out on date night! talk about easy money!

If you want to join click here and enjoy earning money the easy way

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