Monday, August 6, 2012

Blogger Signed Up

Please tell them Rantings from Lil n Hails Mom Sent you Thank you so much. Sign up HERE

Copied from their sign up form

TV Dinner SYTYCD 2 day Flash Thank you for joining us for the TV Dinner Flash Giveaway! This event is going to be structured a bit differently than the other events we have run or that we are used to. TV Dinner will run Wednesday, Aug. 15th from 8-10 pm EST during So You Think You Can Dance. TV Dinner is now available on the WEB so you can now access it right from your computer vs. having to have an iPad! Those that have joined us on TV Dinner in the past can attest to how fun it is playing.

We will create our posts and have them up on Tuesday, 8/14 and start getting our fans excited about the contest, about TV Dinner, watching SYTYCD, etc. They can start entering on Tuesday.

In order for the reader to be eligible to win, they MUST attend the TV Dinner event on 8/15!!

Prize for the reader: $100 CASH!

What's in it for you??

We've decided to make the entry fairly easy. Entry to win is going to be to fill out the submission form (will be provided) and to 'like' TV Dinner on Facebook. There will be no other entries for FB likes, etc. Instead, we're going to list all blogs participating at the bottom of the posts (we know how beneficial backlinks are) AND 2 bloggers will also WIN some CASH!! Wooot! Of course the other obvious benefit to you is the pageviews you're going to get to your site just for having a $100 CASH giveaway. ;)

So how do you, the blogger, WIN?

Prize 1: Referrals, the blogger who refers the most other bloggers to join the event will win $50! (we will have a spot for "who referred you" on the sign up doc. So make a post, put it in your groups, etc, whatever you want to do to get referrals)

Prize 2: The objective of this contest is to tweet like crazy before and during the event to get more readers to come enter/play TV Dinner. So we will give you a sample tweet that you can use to get your fans tweeting, etc. Then when we draw the winner, if it was someone that you referred, YOU also get $50 CASH!

Could you use $50 or better yet $100? I know I could! ;)

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