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I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful girls. They are my light in this world. I am an Army Wife, not the typical one or the stereotypical of what you think an Army wife is. We KNOW what we signed up for but it does not EVER get easier. My husband has served in the army for around 7 years now, and we have been married for almost 2 lovely years. My husband is my opposite but he is my ying to my yang. I do not know what I would do without him.
Our oldest daughter is Autistic, so if you see the support ribbons now you know!
Being Autistic does not mean she is SLOW , she is very very smart, to educate or inform yourself here is a great site
I am a really easy person to talk to so if you have questions or need thing answered about my blog please let me know
Lastly we have two dogs, Roxy our old girl who loves to lay around and our baby Oakley -he's a boxer :P so adorable
Hope everybody has a great day, and God bless you.

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  1. I clicked too quickly on the blog post comment for the giveaway of a stroller, bedding set, and ovulation tests - sorry! My answer was going to be, "I would have a hard time deciding, but I would love either the bedding set or stroller!"

  2. Hi! on the follow all twitter entry for the $150 paypal cash giveaway, zoes printable coupons can't be found

  3. Dear Julie,

    Thanks for commenting on my kids 3rd birthday blog. Your comment about Alexander was totally not rude! It sucks that one of my children "hangs out in a box on the shelf" but he does. His death is a part of our tory.

    If I didn't want to talk about him, then I wouldn't :) I'm more afraid that people will stop talking about him then ask relevant and respectful comments like "where did he go".

    Happy Holidays and a Prosperous 2013.

    Keep in touch.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo