Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Review of a Diamond Candle I won

I won a Diamond Candle from the blog Mommy Coupon Swappers. I picked out the scent Midnight Kiss. Within 24 hours my husband and I both knew that it was going to take what seemed like 100 years to get to the ring hidden inside. Without saying a word he went in the kitchen and dug the ring out-such a sweetie :P Well after digging and cleaning I found this beautiful ring inside
I went to take it and get it appraised and they said they could quote it would be worth 50-80 dollars, I was very happy with the ring I received. The smell on the other hand was lacking. The candle itself smells great, if you are within 2 feet of it -amazing, in the other room or across the apartment I cannot smell it. It is not due to any other smells all we have is an older golden retriever . Knowing what I know now I would consider trying another brand before going back to Diamond candle the suspense and the prize where great but the candle was lacking. If I buy from them again it would be a different scent. thank you for reading this have a great Sunday night. ** Disclaimer these are my views nobody else and I am the one who thinks this. I was not paid to say anything that I said above.

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