Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review of Miss Jessie's Samples I received

First off I want to say that I was not asked to do this review, paid in any way, or given anything for it. This is just me trying a product and letting my followers know my opinion of that product.

I had signed up for a great deal of three free hair samples with FREE shipping. Last night I tried the butter creme for the first time and this morning woke with great curls, they are a little frizzy but for one use this is awesome, my hair is still a little rough but with continued use(I will keep you updated) I honestly think I found a keeper, my hair is not anywhere near as uncontrollable as it usually is.

Once I am done with the other products that I got for free I will add their reviews to this page.

Miss Jessie's products soon will be at CVS so I won't have to pay for shipping if I want to use them ! This is great news as somebody who is interested in buying them in the future.


  1. Hey Julie, I came by this am (still up at 2:00) and followed on GFC and Pinterest. I didn't see a Twitter button then remembered you had given me the handle so I went and followed there also along with Facebook. The only one I wasn't sure about is Google Plus. I see the G+1 sign but no widget. Let me know and I will follow there also. Don't forget to start the giveaway when you get up. Let me know if you have any problems. Talk to ya later!


  2. thank you Mary, I am still working on designing my site, wish I knew how to code and design better.