Friday, July 27, 2012

Paparazzi by Melinda Giveaway

Review of Paparazzi by Melinda Jewelry

First the Goods

The bracelets are so unique and whimsical. They are colorful and would go with anything. I love how comfortable they are to wear and I can't wait to pair them up with a great outfit either going to a doctors office or date night with my husband. The charms add a great touch, I got a key and a high heel on my orange bracelet! Love!

The flower clip can not only be used on a head band or by itself but can be added to a simple dress or purse to liven it up, I might have to "borrow" it from my lil angel! She loves to dress up and be girly, this is a great little clip to get her bangs out of her face or add to her dress :) The purple bracelet was adorable on her and her face just glowed when she wore it, she definitively is a little girly girl !

The giveaway is for a $25.00 gift certificate redeemable through Paparazzi by Melinda. Her facebook is so you can go check out her amazing products. With the 25 dollar gift card the winner can get 5 items. This giveaway will run from the 29th of July till the 5th of August and is open to the US only. WOW!!

Paparazzi is less than 2 years old, less than 7000 consultants in the US. Everything is ALWAYS $5.00. The consultant makes 45% profit plus bonuses Everything is Cash&Carry, so there's no catalog! Plus you can sell your stock everywhere but on Ebay. So blogs, personal websites and facebook/twitter! You can sign up for as little as $40

Look at some of amazing pieces that she has:

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  1. My daughter and I LOVE the Paparazzi pieces that we got. and I love the value.