Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bobee Review

Tonight I bring you my review of an amazing product called the Bobee the diaper stacker. Some back history on my family, in case you do not read my blog regularly, I have two daughters one who is three and one who is 18 months old. The 18 month old is still in diapers, so this product is very useful for our family.

The review :

I love this product, it makes my life a lot easier. I can use one hand and pull down the wipes and/or diapers from the caddy and the other hand on the wiggle worm , my 18 month old. She hates to sit still and this makes it faster to change her so she can get back to her busy life style :)

Upon opening my package I realized that the Bobee comes with MANY stickers so you can customize it for your child's room/nursery. My oldest daughter was ecstatic to be able to be part of the decorating her sisters new diaper stacker.

The only draw back that I had to said, which is a small one is that the wipe dispenser has to have the wipe refill container and I am use to buying wipes in bulk so this will be some change for me but it is worth it to me .

The hardware was easy to install and the directions where simple enough to follow.

I have several friends who use cloth diapers and wipes and this can be used for those too, so I can recommend this to all new moms, it makes changing time fast and no more pulling my hair out because I had to use two hands on the diapers and wipes so there is poop and wipes everywhere. The wipes and diapers are up so my three year old is not getting into them, and while changing my 18 month can be controlled much easier now :)

A huge thank you to Bobee for letting me review this. This item is sure worth the buy. The dimensions are 14 " X 19" X 6", the stickers that came inside where blue, pink, green , brown and yellow. It holds ALL size diapers :)

Last but not least it's on the wall , so you have more space on your tables, and dressers, and your older children will not be getting to the diapers as easily.

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