Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Elegant Ella Review

The Elegant Ella has graciously given me a beautiful Halloween/Fall inspired headband. I asked for a size big enough for a three year old but the baby in the picture(Our youngest) was the model because our three year old was in NO mood to have her picture taken :)

My opinions on this piece are great. The pros are that they are super soft, our youngest is 16 months old and she did not receive one red line on her head from this head band. She usually rips everything off her head and she will wear this for almost 30 minutes, in time I think she would realize that it will not bother her at all.

Next thought was how well put together things were, the backing was very nice-you couldn't see any of the attachment details that she put into this piece. Some bows have a messy back this one was not messy at all and so soft. The flowers themselves are super soft and go with many different outfits for the fall and Halloween time period. I really love this piece and will be going back to The Elegant Ella for my future shabby flowers purchase :)

Remember she has more then just shabby flowers, she also sells rosette bows/head bands, yo-yo flowers, Chiffon Flowers on clips and headbands, bows, tulle flowers, vintage lace pieces and MORE. She is one talented lady, go check out her page and see what you love -I don't know how you could walk away not loving her pieces they are so unique and beautiful.

Rantings from Lil n Hail's Mom was not paid to say these statements, they are my own belief are not in any way associated with facebook. Thank you for reading this review and I hope you go check her site out :)

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