Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have started this blog because I am sick of seeing on tv all these young or teen moms( not all but many) have this "hard knock" life. I am gonna write every day about my life as a young mom, about the same age as all those teen moms on tv and show people my life is amazing, and these moms are crazy-if I can do it you can do it too. I had my daughter when I was two months from my 19th birthday. I had my second daughter at the age 20. I do not regret either of my daughters, they are my world and sunshine. I picked myself up and dusted myself off and got on with my life.I graduated college after going for almost two years, my first daughter was only a week away from her first birthday but I pushed myself to graduate, you do what you have to do to make life work. After college I moved to GA to be with my other half, and got married. Five months later we had an amazing baby girl. My husband is in the army, that's why I moved to him. I see these young woman on tv living lives of such drama, that is not needed. What is so difficult about having a baby and just living the day to day, why can't these moms who get paid like 60,000 a year for being on tv.. ridiculous I might add, live there life without all this drama. If you get paid that much it is about twice the salary of a soldier.  They don't save lives, they don't  do crap but complain half the time. If I was paid 60,000 a year to document my life I would not spend the whole year complaining and scraping by. You get a job you pay your bills, you play with your kids and enjoy every day, there should be no problem for these moms, they make it so much harder than it has to be.

Positive Morning:
Started my morning with a kiss from my husband-after he went to work I got up around 630 and got breakfast on the table and coffee made (new cinnamon vanilla creamer is not all that it is cracked up to be I might add!) Cleaned up house,played farmville and talked to my friend Sara. Didn't feel like dealing with toddler time so we went on a walk, came home to see kids asleep in stroller :D Laid them down then sat down and started to watch the latest episode of teen mom 2. again they are so stupid. Jennell (sp) wants to bail out her dead beat boyfriend from jail? GROW UP he isn't good for you!! I would fight a lot harder(not physical or yelling) to get time with Jace. I talked to my mom and relaxed while kids slept. Got my loan payment sorted out from college, and now eating lunch. Once kids wake up I got some more cleaning and organizing to do. Billy(husband) and I spent our first anniversary together yesterday, one  year of marriage, amazing. He is my other half and I am dreading his deployment, nine months without his laugh, or our tickle fights-I could cry if I don't thinking bout it. As of now it could end up us not being able to talk for the whole nine months he is there. I will miss waking up to his kisses before work and falling asleep knowing he is safe next to me. Still trying to think of things to do for his birthday this month. I just want to give him this awesome birthday since next year he won't be here,and we might not be even able to talk. Well my oldest just woke so this shall continue later. If I see any savings I will post them. :D

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