Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review of Create Abilities for Kids

Hello and welcome to my review about Create Abilities for Kids. I received this package to review and did not receive any additional payment or products. These opinions are my own and I was not paid to say this. This has no affiliation with facebook, twitter, pinterest or blogger. Thank you and I hope you enjoy my review.

Below is a video of us using the first product "April Showers Bring May Flowers"

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The package came in the mail last night and because it was so large it had to be brought to our door. My oldest daughter Lilly was so delighted, she felt so special she got a hand delivered package :)

Inside the package was two kits and extra paper which is an added plus if you have a younger child who would like to be apart of it but does not know yet how to do such task.

The instructions were easy to read, easy to understand. Each kit had under 5 instructions so anybody can figure this out.Also you can put the paper underneath the activity for easy clean up! For a busy mom on the go this was great to get because I did not have to go out to the store and get the products come home and get it all prepared and then do the project, it was as simple as open box and began. I love that quality time I have with my kids.

Packages are made to come two a month to your door all for under 15.00! WOW! The package age groups come in age 3, 4, and 5. You can get up to 3 kits a month!

The package has more then just fun packed into it. This is an educational device. We talked about different weather in April and the water system. In the penguin package we talked about how they cannot fly but they can swim. The major thing that grabbed my attention was the development skills this helped my daughters work on. My oldest is Autistic and she is no longer in therapy , just stopped in the past week or two. It took her almost a year of therapy and school to learn how to color, hold a pen and start learning how to write properly. BOTH of these packages work on those motor skills of holding the paint brush, working the muscles in the hand and wrist. This is very important to develop skills to learn how to write .

I would recommend this package to any mom who wants something fun, educational and EASY!

It took all the stress out of getting the stuff, setting it up,and worrying if I would forget something, I could just enjoy the project with my daughter. She got to learn about the water system and penguins what will she learn next month? There is always something new to learn about :)

Below are some pictures from us doing our projects! I also want to add this is great for all the children's family, dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles! Easy as one two three. Click Here check out and to subscribe to their package deals.

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